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Petralia Sottana and Sicilia 
Links and Resources

Thanks to all who have such provided such 
great web information on Sicilia!
Updated 15 January 2002

Map of Petralia Sottana
Courtesy of the Petralia Sottana Library

Another great map from the Petralia Sottana Library
This one looks like it is older. Look closely for your family residence names. 
I have transcribed this map here.

The region around Petralia Sottana
Courtesy of Frank Arduini

A GREAT photo of Petralia Sottana
Look around the rest of this website for nearby towns in the Madonie Mountains

Updated link Info about the area around the Petralias

Comune di Petralia Sottana
Petralia Sottana home page 

Updated link A lovely set of Sicilian watercolors by Kathleen Citrolo Gwinnett

The Madonie Regional Park
Petralia Sottana is located in the Madonie mountain range

Frank Arduini's Petralia Sottana information
Frank has a great site with lots of information about Sicilia. Look around!

Great Italian and Sicilian links on this page
Towns, maps and lots of Sicilian resources

Maps from In
I have heard wonderful things about these maps, especially the raised relief wall displays

Updated link Italy white pages search
I found dozens of people with my surnames in Petralia Sottana

Sicilian Resources
Pursuing Our Italian Names Together (POINT) in Email 

More Sicilian Resources
Use the search engine.

Information on LDS Italian microfilms
This site also has instructions for getting film numbers at

Italian Research Tips from from
At the main site, click on "How-to Guides." When the list has loaded, scroll down until you see Italy. 

Italian Genealogical Word List

Search or Join a Sicilian Ancestry Web Ring 

Cyndi's List of Italy Resources

Go to my Madonie region information page
Get acquainted with most of the larger towns in the area

Italian and Sicilian 
Bulletin Boards, Mailing Lists and Registries

Updated link The Italian Surname Database

Sicilian Bulletin Board
There are many, many Italian/Sicilian surname message boards here. Type in a surname to find its message board. Yours might be the first entry!

Message boards for all the Sicilian provinces

Club Siciliano

Deborah Millemaci's Website (beautiful) and guestbook and message board

Italian Embassy Bulletin Board

Gaetano Online
Has a surname list and a message board

Italian Forums

Sicilian Forum
English and Italian messages

Italian Surname Collection - There are other links here as well

Italian Surname Database

Joe's Italian Genealogy
There's a guestbook with lots of entries, plus many other resources

Italian Genealogy Mailing Lists to which you can subscribe

Sicily Surname List
On Rootsweb

List of Italian Ancestry Websites

Genealogy Searchable Databases

Subscribe to the Sicily Rootsweb Digest Mailing List
To subscribe to ITA-SICILY-D, send an email message to
that contains in the body of the message the command
and no other text.  No subject line is necessary, but if your software requires one, just use "subscribe" in the subject, too.

Comunes of Italy Surname Database
An electronic discussion group for people interested in Italian genealogy, culture and ALL things Italian. Subscribers can discuss and explore Italian genealogy, culture, history, food, customs, geography, tourism, arts, standards, academics, industry, and government. Go to the site and click on the "Join List" Button.

Comunes of Italy Magazine
Edited by Grace Lancieri Olivo - a wealth of information (both the magazine and the editor).

POINT (Pursuing Our Italian Names Together)  Since 1987!
Mr. Millitello is the founder. One can subscribe to a magazine and a mailing list.

Other Sicilian/Italian "Neat Stuff"

 Italian Surname Distribution Map
Type in an Italian surname, and you will see where in Italy people with that surname reside today! Now in English!

Updated link Another Italy Surname Distribution Map
Type in the surname on the left, and click "Go"

Virtual Resources in Italian History - Italian History Gateways 

Italy and Italian lifestyle web site 

Italian Language Resources and Other Links

Learn Italian Language Basics

Sicilian Traditional Music

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor (searchable)
 At Ellis Island  (my grandparents' names are inscribed on the wall)
A great Ellis Island resource
Look around this site for photos and interesting historical information from Ellis Island in its hey-day.

Immigrant Ship information
Learn the history of the ship your relatives traveled on

Ship Passenger Lists online
More Passenger Lists
More Passenger Lists
More Passenger Lists
Passenger Lists Research Guide

A really excellent meatball recipe!  (It's the only kind I make now, honest!)
From the website

Some yummy sounding recipes
Homemade ricotta cheese, for one

Sicilian Products and info

the trinacria symbolWhat is that Sicilian three-legged symbol? The trinacria!
Information courtesy of Mr. Francesco "Franco" Chisari

Updated link More on Sicilian symbols
Part of Art Dieli's great genealogy site

Some fantastic carving work by Petralia friars of old (in Italian)

Marcal Paper - founded by a Petralia Sottana family (my cousins)

Sicilian Proverbs

Sicilian Culture Page
Lots of neat stuff

Angelo Grifasi's Website
A wonderful collection of Sicilian culture

Sicilian Folklore and Handicrafts Essay

Italian Genealogy Information
Ancient tribes of Italy, folklore, etc.

Sicilian Nobility and Sicilian Titles

A great explanation of kinship relationships 

(We're related how?)
Courtesy of Frank Arduini

Italian Medals of Honor

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