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My dear, dear friends,

Regardless of where we call home, we are all shocked and
deeply troubled by the tragedy that occurred in the United
States on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

The enormity of these actions will be at the forefront of our
attention for some time to come, as we watch and thank the
valiant rescue workers, hope against hope, and hear the
media and our government officials report on the actions
that will come.

If you live elsewhere than in the United States, thank you so much
for your outpouring of emotion and support. It has meant such a
great deal. Regardless where we live in the world, we are all
doubtless struggling to attempt normalcy, thinking (maybe
automatically) to tell a joke or brag about our child, all the
while wondering if it is appropriate to do so.

My message to you is this: Yes, we must.

This destruction is the work of a very few, very psychotic individuals.
They are not carrying out a religiously-backed intent. They are
simply individuals who have been brainwashed, drugged and
forcibly implanted with the idea that they will actually achieve
paradise for their sacrifice. And they were probably paid as well.

They and their masters are people who see destruction as their only
solution, to stop everyone and everything, including the very people
who could help them.They are not motivated by religious belief, they
are motivated by the deepest fear and hatred. Unfortunately,
their paradise will be a living hell for eternity.

Yes, they perpetrated an unholy fury. Yes, they have made every person of
good will on this planet nervous and fearful. Yes, we all may now have to
confront a changed world. But they are the few, and we are the many.
We will always be the antithesis of what they dimly think the world
should be like.

We are the people on whose shoulders the world turns. We are the creators
and innovators, the industrious workers, caring executives, devoted
mothers and fathers, without whom our schools and towns and
industry would not function, and without whom there would be
no joy or laughter. Because make no mistake, there is no
laughter or joy in the dead hearts or twisted souls of
these insane few.

So let us not become what these people think they want for us and for the world -
cowed, suspicious or fearful. Do that and they will win. You, my friends, are
strong, and can tap a vast reserve of personal strength, creativity and love.
They cannot. We will survive, will smile and laugh again, and will continue
to improve our world. Every victim, every survivor, and each of our fellows
depends on us to create a better future.

Therefore, what must we do then, starting today? Without disrespect, but instead with the utmost love,
we must raise our emotional tone and get going. In addition to continuing the incredible generosity
and volunteerism that is so inspiring to each of us, we must ourselves Flourish and Prosper. To Flourish
is to be active, to increase one's influence and to thrive. To Prosper is to be successful or fortunate,
coming from the Latin word "to make happy."

To this end, I offer you a common sense morals book that has become very helpful and popular in
these days. It may help you. It is non-denominational, and is also excellent for children.
It is called The Way to Happiness, and it can be found online here:

Go well, share, and find something to smile about.


I'd love to hear from you.

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Copyright (c) by Janna Trevisanut 2001.