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The Petralia Sottana Households List
Late 19th Century

There is a wonderful, 19th century hand-drawn map of Petralia Sottana, with a handwritten, numbered list of buildings and householders' names. There is an image of this map on the internet, courtesy of the Petralia Sottana Library. The map is part of someone's private collection.

See the map.

The town is divided into three districts: The Quartiere del Casale (in yellow), the Quartiere della Pusterna (in blue) and the Quartiere del Carmine (in red). There are 165 buildings on this list, some of them churches. The last row of names is partially cut off in my copy. The buildings are numbered in a fairly sequential order.

I have transcribed the map number and name of each house, as listed
on the map. I am not an Italian writing expert, and many of the names are difficult to read, so do not assume that the names here are absolutely correct. However, I am familiar with a number of the surnames here, and there are definitely spelling variations from current spellings.

Based on the fact that my great great grandfather's name is listed on the map (born circa 1840) but my great grandfather's is not (born 1862), I estimate this map to have been drawn somewhere between 1860-1880, before my great grandfather struck out on his own.

The value of this map is that you may be able to determine who was in an earlier generation of your surname. Please use these lists as a guidepost, not as concrete information - make sure you use other sources to validate the names here.

If you have a name correction or suggestion on a more logical name or spelling, please let me know.

I intend to index the names listed here in the near future. Sorry they are not indexed at present.

Surnames are CAPITALIZED.

The designation "D" means "Don" (a respectful title for a man)

"Da" means Donna (madam or lady)

Chiesa means church

Churches and public buildings are italicized.

Spelling Rules for abbreviations of names and letter changes.

More information on reading Sicilian writing.

Page Two - Quartiere della Pusterna (blue section)
Page Three - Quartiere del Carmine (red section)

The Map

Quartiere del Casale (yellow section)

1. S Calogero (Church)

2. Chiesa del Cappuccini

3. S. Rocco (Church)

4. D Vincenzo CERAMI

5. Eredi (heirs) di Guiseppe Calogero TORREGROSSA

6. D Antonio AJOSA

7. Collegio di Maria

8. Vedova (widow) di Lorenza SCARNICI

9. D Salvatore GANGI

10. Calogero TRAINA

11. D Michiele PORRIVECHJ


13. Guiseppe LITO

14. Pietro BALAXIA

15. Emiddio BELLINA

16. D Giovanni FEDERICO

17. Michelangelo MANCUSO

18. Gaetano GATTO

19. Mrs. Lorenzo BUZRONE

20. D Antonino FIGLIO

21. Giovanni MACALUSO

22. D Antonio Santo BELLINA

23. Mrs. Mariano INTRABARTOLO

24. D Ottavio FEDALDI or IEDALDI

25. D Guiseppe Antonio AJELLO

26. D Antonio LAROSA

27. Palazzo Figlia

28. Filippo CARRUBA

29. D. Guiseppe BELLINA

30. D Salvatore GANGI

31. Calogero LIBRIZZI

32. Guiseppe GASPARRO

33. Guiseppe BONGIORNO

34. Chiesa di Santa Maria

35. Mrs. Guiseppe BONGIORNO

36. D Lorenzo PETTINEO

37. D Michiele PORRIVECHJ

38. D Giovanni AJELLO

39. Mrs. Calogero PIASOLO

40. D Alberto Santo LETO

41. Mrs. Guiseppe CILIBRASI

42. Francesco DIGIOVANNI

43. Mrs. Vincenzo DI MARIA

44. Domenico INRONE

45. D Guiseppe Antonio FEDALDI or IEDALDI

46. Biagio PROFITA

47. D Biagio MANAYO

48. Chiesa di S. Guiliano

49. Palazzo POLIZZELLO


51. Victore Guiseppe PETTINEO

52. D Da Gandolfo BARTUCELLI

Page Two - Quartiere della Pusterna (blue section)
Page Three - Quartiere del Carmine (red section)

The Map


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