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Trevisanuts in the World!

Welcome to the family Trevisanut!

The Trevisanut family is from the area near the border of the Veneto and Fruili provinces, northeast of Venice, in northern Italy. Our Trevisanuts come from San Stino di Livenza, in Venezia province, and Sesto al Reghena, in Fruili Province.

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A map of Italia

A map of Fruili Province
(Sesto al Reghena is right on the western border)

A map of Veneto province

According to my dear friend Attilio Brun from Veneto province,
here is the origin of the name Trevisanut:

The surname Trevisanut means "Man from Treviso " that in italian is "Trevigiano." In Veneto dialect you'd say "Trevisan." There are many Trevisan near here, in fact is a common surname, but Trevisanut is a diminutive of Trevisan and means "A little man from Treviso." This kind of diminutive, ending in -ut, is a typical Friulian diminutive and this might indicate that the surname originally came from Treviso and that some branch of the family moved near Friuli.

Currently, I know of Trevisanuts in the United States (my husband's family), Canada, Australia, South America, France and Italy. If you have the surname Trevisanut in your family, please register here so that we may make connections. All are welcome.

As more information is gathered, it will be added to this site.

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Information on the Pordenone region containing Sesto al Reghena