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Petralia Sottana is a small town in the Madonie Mountains in northern Sicily. The town's population has ranged between 4,000 and 7,000  people over the past 150 years.  My father's father was from  Petralia Sottana. I have found a family or surname connection with most everyone I have met  whose ancestors are from this town.  Those of us with roots there must  ultimately be cousins.

This website gives basic information about Petralia Sottana and some of  the surrounding towns in the Madonie region of the  Palermo province.

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 The Madonie Region

Information on the towns in this region
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Petralia Sottana Researcher/Surname Index

From my guestbook.


Petralia Sottana Birth Lists
1885 - 1895

All of 1885 is online.
A - L of 1886 - 1895 is now online.

1920 List of Petralia Sottana Area Contributors for Persons Crippled or Orphaned by War

226 names on this list!

The 19th Century Petralia Sottana Households List

A hand-drawn map of Petralia Sottana, late 19th century, with surnames

  Petralia Sottana Images

Images from my friends and cousins


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